Lake Michigan Salmon and trout

Hakuna Matata III

 A 1986 Trojan F-36 Sport Sedan. Powered by twin chevy 454’s. With a weight of around 17,000 lbs it is very comfortable ride in any seas. The HAKUNA MATATA III is laid out beautifully with a spacious cabin and two comfortable bench couches. We have a large size Head as the bathroom is referred to in a boat. There is a nice V berth for you to take a nap if catching all the fish tire you out.   

A Tailored Experience for All

 The boat has a nice size back deck that gives you ample room to fight your fish, take pictures, or just hang out. Safety is a great concern with us the back deck has a strong railing of about waist height so not to fall overboard. Also great to lean against for fighting that big fish 

We Provide Everything You Need

You won't have to worry about not being prepared. We provide everything you need to hopefully put fish in the box. We provide the rods, tackle, high tech electronics and years of experience. We even offer to fillet your catch free of charge. 


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